“We don’t have to suffer.  Suffering is a choice.”

How many times have I heard those lines!

Then I realized, I truly was causing my own suffering. I had a “bring it on” attitude! I was against comfort, ease and grace!

I had a major wake up call about 13 years ago. After years of extreme living, which included a trek to Everest Base Camp and 500+ mile bike rides carrying full camping gear – my life imploded. My husband and I realized we were more like brother and sister rather than husband and wife, so we divorced. My overly stressful job as a Middle School Science Educator sent me into a crisis healing journey of the mind, body and spirit! And as life passed, I realized I needed to end this repeating pattern of verbally abusive relationships and financial loss.

So, I screamed “Uncle!”

As I lay there screaming, I asked myself, “Tina, are you causing all this suffering? Are you the one making life so damn hard?”

Silence. Wind in the trees, birds singing…


Yep. It was me.

What was my attitude around suffering? Did I somehow think that it was “cool” and even worse – necessary? Did I think life had to be difficult, abusive, cold and dramatic?

Was my mind programed to choose suffering?

One day, while chatting with a friend, she reminded me of our shared willingness to dive head first into life. That neither of us had much of a “middle gear” it was all or nothing.

Where was the middle?

For years now I have been cultivating slowness and learning to allow myself comfort.

COMFORT! The mind says that is lame! That is slow! That is going to… allow Love in!!!

And onward went the suffering. Onward went the story of fear.

My mind had no respect for Ease and Grace.

My mind was not willing to allow in slowness. So I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t sense the flow of Love all around me – wanting to guide me into Ease and Grace!

Ah, the constructs of the mind!

What construct is keeping you suffering? Do you think it is “spiritual” to suffer? Does suffering somehow keep you closer to “God” or your “Self” ? Are you afraid if you don’t suffer you won’t do your personal growth work? Could you be locked in some loop of creating suffering?

Are you done suffering at your own hand?

Are you ready to polish off your mind? Are you ready to heal yourself? Are you ready to release past pain, pent up emotions and remember more fully how alive you really are inside?

Invite Ease and Grace into your life – Take a nap on the ground under a tree!

Invite Ease and Grace into your life – Create a mantra that says I am willing to learn and grow, but please take it easy on me, and bring me Ease and Grace!

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