The way I see it, we hunger to know our own desire.

Yes, we long to feel the depth of our own love – our own Unique Fire.

Being raised in a culture that, to me, feels phobic of so many things “expressive”, no wonder so many people hide their desires and turn toward porn and other things that are hidden or deemed inappropriate.

What if…

What if, we gave ourselves what we longed for?

Yes, what if first and foremost, we learned how to desire ourselves whole, and then upon this healing we actually shared this wholeness with another?

What I have seen and witnessed within myself is the following: Men and Women long for this perfect partner. And what is worse is that they convince themselves that this person actually exists – prepackaged and ready to go.

Like they should be able to go to the supermarket and find the man or woman of their dreams in aisle #7 sitting pretty on the top shelf. Nothing left to learn or grow into, just, sitting there waiting to please them. And, we want to have all of this for only $19.95.

Who is on the top shelf?

I suppose each one of us can answer that differently, but let’s look at some of society’s choices. Ladies, how about Tom Selleck, Mr. Darcy, Sam Elliott, and Harrison Ford. And men, perhaps you would be saying Jane Seymor, Linda Carter, and Sophia Loren.

Here’s the deal as I see it. If you want to experience a level of maturity, sensuality, sophistication, grace, and “steam” then, you too must be those things.

So, if you find yourself looking outside of your relationship to porn of any nature and you wish to shift this for yourself to align more toward “Beauty”, then, what if you ignited this fire of love, confidence, respect, and sensual discovery within each other?

Don’t wait for the other to discover this – inspire them to grow into this – to feel safe and confident to express this desire within oneself.

How you ask?

You must first become comfortable within yourself, and discover your own Inner Beauty. You must be ok with what you desire. You must study yourself and understand why it is you desire what you do, and ensure that love is guiding you, and heal the fears that pull you away from sharing love and beauty. Learning to love that which needs to come to the surface – out of the hidden – into the light of your awareness is key.

It is a lot to digest in this one article. But the point I want to make is that looking outside of the relationship will not get you to the level of beauty and sensuality your Soul truly desires to know and express.

You must have the courage to become the Man or Woman you think you are, and long to be.

Can we make 2017 the year we stop the fanciful story that some Prince or Princess is going to come along and save us from our own devices. That all we have to do is look pretty, objectify ourselves, and surely someone will come along and pay our way.

Oh what an old boring story that is – surely there is a bigger Adventure to live?!?

So what are we to do?

We are to own the Unique Fire we each contain. We need to shower our self with the rain of love from within our own Soul. Take showers and sing yourself Home. Find your style that makes you come alive for YOU! Move your body in ways that brings you closer to your Soul. Find your own rhythm and the sound of your Soul.

Slowly, over time, getting comfortable with your Primal Power.

Voice yourself in your relationships so that you feel safe. Ask for what you need and stand firm in your place of knowing.

Greet each other’s ideas with curiosity. Accept one another’s lack of grace as you each stumble and fail to be all you know you are meant to be. Catch one another as you each fall, so that you can then again stand firm and grow tall.

Women – as your man finds his grace and accepts his sensitivity – remind him that Samurais are sensitive, that Ninjas are agile, and that there is great power and strength in this level of the expression of beauty and grace. Ignite in him his power through your own expression of your soft strength.

So what can you do to connect to this power lying in wait within you?

Join me at an Ignition Night – a safe place to find this reverence and remember this sensual human being that is waiting within you – your own Unique Fire.

Come and build the relationship to your place of Home that is within.

When folks work with me, we Navigate and Elevate their human experience. Gaining an understanding of both one’s Divinity and Humanity.

Become the Woman and Man you have always longed to be this 2017.

No porn or objectification needed.

Just learn to be sung by your Soul…and indeed all will unfold in glorious new beginnings.

From one who has learned to be sung by her Soul to another – yes, my child, yes, yes, yes, indeed the glory of LOVE awaits you – you can sing yourself free.

Do you dare you to walk yourself Home?

Sing Your Soul Free,