I was reminded the other day the power of just a simple 7 seconds.

Recently while uploading a video I was mesmerized by the status bar. As it indicated I had 7 seconds to wait.

I sighed.

Then I caught myself. Why was I irritated?

“Use your time wisely Tina!” I thought. So I began to meditate.

How do you find the power in 7 seconds?

Use it as a micro meditation!

Just imagine how many micro meditations you can fit into a day! There are so many 7 second moments throughout a day. What if you just grabbed two?

Think of all the moments…

Stuck at a railroad crossing, waiting in the doctor’s office or hair dresser, opening an email attachment…you get the idea.  Let’s retrain ourselves to not want everything to go fast!

The question is HOW does one fully sink into oneself in 7 seconds?  Join me at a Collective Soul Experience – A Beyond Meditation Event!  At Highland Lake Cove in Flat Rock, NC. Click on the link to register!


If you are looking for a simple and effective way to sink beneath the chatter and want to gain the tools to navigate your inner world with ease – join us to remember the power of your voice to heal yourself whole.

This is a night to build the relationship to your still centered point – your inner wisdom. Tina will walk you into a deeply peaceful, meditative state with her Soul Singing. You will gain direct experience of your Soul and tools to maintain your capacity for a higher state of mental functioning, joyful nature and productive expression in your life.

Join us and remember HOW to meditate with ease! How to sink beneath your chatter and into the depths of your Soul. I share my Soul Singing – The “Voice of Remembering” at these events. These sounds are healing and assist you in remembering just how powerful 7 seconds are. 🙂

Sing Your Soul Free,

Tina FireWolf