Chances are you have tried it all to feel better and be more positive, and yet still don’t feel the way you desire.

Does this sound or feel familiar to you?

Before you allow frustration to consume you, let me offer you something to consider.

It is essential that folks move into an understanding of how to tend to ALL of who they are. It is no longer enough for us to only aide the physical body. Diet and exercise are great, but one must understand that they are made up of a Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic Body.

And that, in order to feel whole, like a fuller expression of their Self, one must tend to each of the bodies.

We must realize that we are “sensitive” beings. That when honed, we have skills to sense our surroundings, much more than just looking or hearing them. In order to know ourselves more fully, this requires a disciplined nature, and a way of living. So that we think and feel our way through life – inside and out. I consider this walking in two worlds.

Somewhere along the way, many of us come to realize that we are not fulfilled by our current state of being or way of interacting with life. And in this realization, we begin aching to sustain Inner Peace.

Many people come to this realization from a large life change, e.g. illness, divorce, financial loss, etc.

Often, what one finds, when one decides to begin this healing journey is that they are backlogged in emotions, past memories, negative thoughts, and even physical illness.

What is one to do?

DECIDE you are going to take a fuller approach to your personal development.  And that you are going to do what it takes to grow through what is in your way of being who you truly desire to be.

Let me take a moment to explain what a fuller approach would look like.


My Experiential Self Leadership Method (ESL) is a 4 Body System Approach.


What I have found, from my own journey of personal growth, is that changes must occur in all 4 bodies at the same time to be affective. Yes, at the same time.

When I first came to the realization that I had 4 bodies to be aware of, I was a tad overwhelmed. People talk a lot about “Awareness”, but Awareness is a lot more than keeping your mind positive. You have to learn to be “Aware” or “Sensitive” to shifts in each of your 4 bodies, and the environment or energy around you.

The Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic Bodies all must be brought into alignment with our Stillness or “Wise Self” to sustain Harmonic Health.


Let me talk about each body for you briefly, so that we are on the same page.

Physical – The outward solid body. Your muscle tone, bone health, ability to digest, sleep well, age gracefully, etc.


Mental – This is where your thoughts live. How healthy are they? Are you able to be grateful for what you have or are you always wanting more and pissed off at what your life is full of? Is your mind always pointing out all that is wrong, could go wrong, or is sure to go wrong? Do your thoughts chatter on and on as if someone is in your head holding a press conference even if you aren’t thinking about anything in particular?!? Are your thoughts negative and ruminating in fear and worry? Are you thinking for yourself or are you following someone else’s life prescription?


Emotional – Are you swinging in and out of fear, anger, rage, or irritation during the day? Wouldn’t you like to be able to sustain a centered feeling of Stillness throughout the day? Can you respond to situations from this place of Stillness or are you reacting emotinoally with things from your past triggering you? Can you be alone with yourself when you are sad, lonely and in fear?


Energetic – The energetic body is one that may be new to you, but is of high importance. In Science, they call it the Electro-Magnetic Body, the Vibrational Body or “Life Force”. This isn’t so odd when you realize that your heart is beating and it causes “vibrations,” and that the atoms in your body also have a “Vibration.” This is the body that is like your “force field” around you. And this “force field” can get cluttered with other people’s vibrations, such as their bad moods, and negativity from their day-to-day interactions – you are like Velcro. So knowing how to clear this energetic body and how to build your capacity to your Stillness is essential.


How does the Experiential Self Leadership (ESL) method work?

An ESL session uses my faith inclusive meditative process that allows you to experience each of your 4 bodies, and their interactions with one another. The only path the ESL session follows is the one that leads you within to your Wise Self.


Through my multi-tonal vocalizations, yes, I Sing for you, I hold a profoundly meditative state that aides the mind in resting. Just like listening to a CD designed for Meditation – my vocalizations provide the appropriate frequencies, which allows the mind to rest into Inner Peace.

As your mind rests, you become aware of and in tune with, the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. You learn to discern what is happening within each of the bodies by connecting within the imagery, sensations, and messages you may be receiving. As emotions, past pain, memories, and thoughts arise we sift through it together. LOVE is the primary source of our experience when in meditation. It is from this LOVE, and from our “sounds” from within, that shift and release what is rising. Yes, you are that powerful. And yes, it can be that simple.

Through this method, you develop your Inner Vision, your Inner Inquiry and ability to use your “sound” to shift your thoughts, emotions, and energetic self into a higher frequency and consistent state of positive being. In time, you will strengthen your ability to sustain your sense of Inner Peace.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sustain living your day to day life from this place?


Who Comes To Work With Me?

People from all areas of life have found their way to conversations with me. Various Leaders have come because even after years of Spiritual Living they feel like they aren’t “hitting the nail on the head.” Some come because they have long-term back pain and have tried it all to no avail. Some come because they are dealing with grief and massive life changes. Others come because they want to “Remember” a fuller expression of who they know they truly are and others come because they are tired of feeling out of control.

Some even come with a sensation that they simply feel called to work with me, but not sure they can say why they are here. That is fine, too. We will discover your desires and your pathway for personal growth together.


I work long distance over the phone and sometimes in person.


People often ask me “What makes you unique Tina?”

I am unique in that:

  • I sing to you in a session! And my voice aides folks in experiencing mental stillness and inner peace with greater speed.

  • I am dedicated to teaching people the “HOW” of leading and healing themselves.

  • I work with folks to learn to use their “sound” of their Voice to heal and shift themselves.

  • I work on a longer-term basis with people. This way they gain a sustainable daily skill set in addition to the personal growth work we do together.

I prefer to work long term for several reasons: 

  1. I want folks to walk away with a basic understanding and skill set from my ESL method, so that they are empowered to shift the 4 Bodies quickly on a day-to-day basis.

  2. It takes time to unwind deep-rooted issues, and if we don’t get to the root of things you are simply putting band aides on them.

  3. We work in the 4 bodies, therefore, we need to allow time to investigate the layers of each of them. Deep time aides us in creating sustained health in all the systems, and the disciplined skill set to keep it that way.

  4. I work with folks to uncover their own “sound” from within their stillness. So that they can use this tool for leading and growing themselves through their lives.

I offer various ways of building a team with me – including Online Group opportunities. Depending on folks experience levels with complimentary forms of healing and their own personal development process, we tailor the appropriate ESL program together.


I understand this may be a new form of personal growth investigation for folks. So, I offer a one-hour complimentary phone call, so that we can get to know one another and how you wish to grow. During the call you will have the opportunity to experience the ESL method and how it applies to your personal growth.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing if we may form a strong team.

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In Warmth,