“Being”, was easier when we were young, wasn’t it? “Being” was my “purpose”  as a kid. I felt alive riding horses, and playing all day in the woods. My mind was silent. Yes, silent. All the time. Silent.

As I aged, hunger grew in me for some form of normalcy, and sense of security in life. I somehow forgot that I was part of everything! I got sucked up into a “spiritual spin”, and spent years struggling with fear – lost in my mind, and emotions. Not to mention, I was clogged with past pain from childhood etc. I had lost my sense of BEING.

In my experience, there is only ONE PURPOSE, and that is to BE the Joy, to BE a State of Grace, and all our thoughts and actions are to come from this place. One could also call this a place of Inner Peace. Everything we DO is to come from this place of BEING and Inner Peace.

The question is HOW does one achieve such a state?

And can it make us more productive? Is there a way we can Think and Feel?


It doesn’t have to take a lifetime!!! And you don’t have to hide in a cave, eat porridge, or shave your head – unless you want to, of course.

YOU ARE THE GURU. And connecting to YOUR SOUND is part of the key!

Whew, Can I get a YEE HA?!?

Most often, when we get to a place in life where we realize the discomfort in our body, our mind, our emotions, and energetic field, we want it to END NOW!

Of course, it is a process having to unwind things that have caused a sense of separation, but it can be simple and a clear path within you can be made. We do this within a session using my Experiential Self Leadership Method (ESL).

My ESL method is a meditative process, where the sound of my Vocalizations aide you in sinking beneath your chatter. We then use Inner Inquiry, and Inner Visioning techniques so that you can connect deeper within your Inner Peace. These techniques, in combination with the Vocalizations, (where you learn to share yours over time) provide you a clear map to sustain the shifts you achieve!

If you are looking to make 2018 a year of distinction, then it is time we chat.

Seriously, do you want to continue living feeling disconnected, depressed, exhausted by your own thoughts, blocked by emotional pain, driven by fears, and captured by your past?

It is our “Purpose” to discover again that state of BEING we knew so well as kids.

And yes, it will aide you in being more productive! Because when we are in a state of BEING, our mind is focused. We act with intent. Our discernment is sharp, and our pathway is clear. Life feels effortless. We Think and We Feel!

It’s a wildly awesome way to live folks – BEING – a highly functional being!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel this alive?

Let’s Connect.

Email me to set up your Complimentary ONE Hour Exploratory Session. We’ll talk about where you are at in life, where you would like to be, How will it feel when you get there, and you will have a chance to experience a bit of an Experiential Self Leadership Session with me.

Yes, I will sing for you!


In Warmth,