Tina FireWolf – Facilitator of Remembering – combines her feral farm girl upbringing and experiential background in Science & Leadership with her rockin’ multi-dimensional abilities. Her 8 years as a middle school science educator helped her cultivate a light heart and unique approach by synthesizing Spirituality of Science and the “how” of Self Leadership. Her presentations are often experiential, with Tina expressing her Soul Songs and sinking you into your Stillness – so you, too, may sing your Soul Free!


Tina is a treasure chest full of wonderful tales and is well versed in speaking to all ages and traditions. Her time studying in an Interfaith Seminary assisted her in developing an allowing heart for all paths – even the creating of one’s own. She candidly shares her insights from her own “Remembering” that will leave you feeling solid in your humanness with an understanding on How to sustain aligned action.

As a Facilitator of Remembering, she understands that living a life that is connected to your inner wisdom requires the ability to understand and navigate our humanness, while simultaneously elevating the energetics of being human. Tina brings a grounded and light-hearted approach to the over-intellectualization of spirituality, and simplifies the world of leadership so that we all may have access to information that empowers us to understand the world – both within and without.


While at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC – we could have seen only Tina’s lecture and been fulfilled for the entire weekend!

– Jennie Fuscaldo, Evidential Psychic Medium

Tina’s Rockin’ Leadership Presentations

While a Middle School Science Educator at a low-income school in Northern California, Tina often found herself sharing her Leadership insights with colleagues and students. One day, after Tina completed sharing some thoughts on HOW to “change your attitude,” a little boy raised his hand and said, “Why doesn’t anyone tell us this stuff?!”

That is the day she committed to bridging non-denominational contemplative practices with the HOW of self-leadership – expanding access to powerful tools for greater peace, productivity, and meaningful relationships.

Communicating from Chaos to LOVE

Aching to serve? Could self-leadership be the missing piece? What if building an intimate relationship with your Soul and your chatter would bring you the connection you crave? Laugh and Remember as Tina shares the HOW of embracing our fearful chatter to move us all into Leading from LOVE.

Serving 7 Days a Week – An Interfaith Approach To Sinking Beneath the Chatter

Dare you let go of the need to be right? Could this and our incessant need to define our experience in life be keeping us from experiencing “God” (insert your preferred word). Are we continuing to build an ache rather than a relationship within? Tina shares contemplative & communication tools to use, in addition to your faith, bringing your practice new productivity. (This is a non-denominational presentation.)

Igniting Extraordinary Self-Care

Do you long to live a spiritual life? Do you want to build a deeper relationship with your self/Self? Learn Tools, Tips and Tales to get you started…

For the Need of LOVE

We long to be loved…yet do we really know what it is? Do we understand what it isn’t? And most importantly, how can we love ourselves Whole so that we can feel LOVE from others?

Building Your Business from Within

Wouldn’t it be nice to be calm within the chaos? Bigger yet, wouldn’t it be powerful to live from your inner Stillness and bring that power into your business? What if I told you that you contain this ability to lead yourself into this Stillness and shift your energy – because after all, as you well know, people first buy your energy, then they buy your product.

Tina had me at ‘Hello’ – Her energy, enthusiasm and charm are well worth the cost! We had over 40 people attend her program, which usually has less than 15 attend. We welcome her again for another program in the future.

– Kathy Pienkowski, Citizens Library, Washington, PA