Tina FireWolf – Facilitator of Remembering – combines her feral farm girl upbringing and experiential background in Science & Leadership with her rockin’ multi-dimensional abilities. Her 8 years as a middle school science educator helped her cultivate a light heart and unique approach by synthesizing Spirituality of Science and the “how” of Self Leadership. Her presentations are often experiential, with Tina expressing her Soul Songs and sinking you into your Stillness – so you, too, may sing your Soul Free!


Tina is a treasure chest full of wonderful tales and is well versed in speaking to all ages and traditions. Her time studying in an Interfaith Seminary assisted her in developing an allowing heart for all paths – even the creating of one’s own. She candidly shares her insights from her own “Remembering” that will leave you feeling solid in your humanness with an understanding on How to sustain aligned action.

As a Facilitator of Remembering, she understands that living a life that is connected to your inner wisdom requires the ability to understand and navigate our humanness, while simultaneously elevating the energetics of being human. Tina brings a grounded and light-hearted approach to the over-intellectualization of spirituality, and simplifies the world of leadership so that we all may have access to information that empowers us to understand the world – both within and without.


While at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC – we could have seen only Tina’s lecture and been fulfilled for the entire weekend!

– Jennie Fuscaldo, Evidential Psychic Medium

Tina had me at ‘Hello’ – Her energy, enthusiasm and charm are well worth the cost! We had over 40 people attend her program, which usually has less than 15 attend. We welcome her again for another program in the future.

– Kathy Pienkowski, Citizens Library, Washington, PA

Tina offers a number of ranges of events

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Ignition Nights


If you are looking for a reverent and empowering night – where no path is followed other than the one within you to the Stillness & Wisdom you contain – this is your night. You will gain the inner strength to sink within, beneath the chatter of the mind, while opening the heart and raising your energetic capacity to build your connection to YOU. A night filled with joyful and transformational “noisemaking” aiding you in remembering your Primal Voice and Rhythm – remembering that YOU are the Guru, Healer, and Guide. Come and remember that we are all “Native” and can cultivate a profound connection to the Earth. Tina’s farm girl upbringing affords her the knowing that her physical being does not limit her access to everything that is, ever was, or ever will be. She shares her Soul and her connection to Source with you, from her own knowing, and she wants you to remember that you contain this connection, too – that you, too, are a Healer and can Lead yourself Home. This is an evening for men & women, for all traditions, and for folks over eighteen.

It turned out to be like a private, quiet retreat for me even though I was surrounded by a full circle of drumming & chanting. Thank you Tina FireWolf, for giving me the opportunity to find another part of my true, full self.

– Peggy Crowe

Live Ignition Night:

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Sing Your Soul Free

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to sink beneath the chatter, and want to gain the tools to navigate your inner world with ease, join us to remember the power of your voice to heal yourself whole. This is a night to build the relationship to your still centered point – your inner wisdom. Tina will walk you into a deeply peaceful, meditative state with her Soul Singing. You will gain direct experience of your Soul and tools to maintain your capacity for a higher state of mental functioning, joyful nature, and productive expression in your life.

During a very powerful event with Tina FireWolf, I got a glimpse of JOY. I was so surprised as I sat there listening to Tina sing because I realized right then that at my center *I* am JOY. It is my natural state. It came and went quickly, but left me feeling like I wanted to bow at the feet of JOY in gratitude. It’s a great beginning.” 

– Angie Matson Stegall

Sacred Site Sound Healings


There is magic that happens when one visits new places. We are stripped of the familiar – our senses heightened, so we can fully be present with what is…

A non-denominational and welcoming event – travel with Tina FireWolf to various Sacred Sites to share in the JOY of being sung from the sounds within your Soul and connected to the Earth at various locations.  Learn to paint the air with your voice from within and be inspired by the energies of the Sacred Sites. Be the bridge of LOVE the world needs – move into the space of Joy and Celebration and allowing of all paths while following the path within to your Wise Self. Learn tools to navigate your inner world of emotions and thoughts to transmute it all into LOVE.

A sacred journey into connecting with yourself, Tina has helped me clear a long time block of epic proportion that has allowed me to move forward. Her beautiful voice deeply resonates in a way that can only be felt and not explained. She has such a magical way about her…the experience is profound and extremely powerful! I highly recommend you work with her in whatever way possible.

– Lisa Linder

WATCH a live Sacred Site Event:

Tina had me at ‘Hello’ – Her energy, enthusiasm and charm are well worth the cost! We had over 40 people attend her program, which usually has less than 15 attend. We welcome her again for another program in the future.

– Kathy Pienkowski, Citizens Library, Washington, PA