Soul Work Sessions with Tina FireWolf may be right for you if:

You’ve been on this path of self-discovery, but need support with discipline, understanding of the mind’s chatter and how to heal and lead oneself through the mire of information on spirituality and personal growth.

You are ready to heal on multiple levels and approach your healing from a whole new perspective.

You are fed up with the spiritual mumbo jumbo and want a facilitator who can handle who you are; you want a facilitator who understands the unseen aspects of life from a scientific standpoint AND understands the how of applying it to all forms of relationship.

You are ready to look at all aspects of yourself – even the things hidden from your awareness.

You are ready to stop the seeking outside of yourself – you desire to live a Self-Led Life and to become the Leader you know you are!

You are done with the over-intellectualization and romanticization of the spiritual / personal growth path that keeps you spinning in your head, disconnected from your Primal Power, and lost, looking outside of yourself.

You’re exhausted beyond measure with coaches and other “Gurus” trying to put you in their magic spiritual formula to evolve.

You really don’t want this to take a long time or to have to study a bunch of new lingo and information. You want to remember your truth and experience your Self in a whole new way.

You are ready to use your voice in the world and speak your truth in the world and manage all of who you are with ease.

You’re committed to your personal growth and want to navigate and elevate your life.

You want to feel in alignment with your Stillness and live life expressing your Soul (that kick-ass powered part of you that has befriended fear and knows you to be connected with it all).

You want to be ignited to remember you are a leader and a healer of your own life.

You want to heal yourself whole by discovering your Soul Song.

You are fully ready to invest in yourself.

Why is Leading from Stillness important?

Because once you have a relationship to your Stillness you can respond to life rather than react to it. You are not driven by fear and you will communicate with compassion and actually be able to listen – creating more intimacy in your life. Stillness is at the center of who you are – it is that place within you where your answers lie and where you can sink into when life feels chaotic. It holds your medicine. Your Soul Song can heal you whole.

Do you know Your Voice has the power to heal you?

When you speak up for yourself and set proper boundaries in your life with yourself and others, life feels easier and you live from your power – feeling honored and respected. When you learn to use your Soul Song to heal, you are connected to your primal power and have access to your healing abilities in a simple and profound way.

Working with Tina FireWolf is profound – profoundly positive. She is a great spirit for good, and working with her has impacted my life in all beneficial, productive ways. The follow-up sessions with her are invaluable: as a touchstone for whatever your goals are, and as support and encouragement. FireWolf speaks deep wisdom with joy and honor. She’s authentic, the “real deal,” and shares her gifts and abilities both to help you in your personal process and to serve the greater good. FireWolf goes deep in joyful, meaningful, and life-changing ways. It’s a privilege to do work with her and a blessing to receive her gifts on this adventure we call life!

– Diane Dunn

How much money have you wasted on spiritual gurus, self-help, leadership, and other promises of remembering your Stillness, Power, and expressing your life with Soul?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could lead yourself into your Stillness, Power, and fullest expression? Wouldn’t it be better if you had full access to your Soul Song and the remembering of how to heal yourself whole?

Imagine Yourself Ignited Into A Remembering

How Is Tina Unique?

Tina combines her Science and Leadership background with her multi-dimensional  healing abilities. This combination allows for each session to guide you to learn to navigate and elevate your current state of reality. Physical pain, traumas, past issues, etc. can be transmuted to allow for a new way of being at higher frequencies.

Tina is grounded, and yet able to access an expanded state of being through her ability to maintain a profound state of meditation. Through this state of being, Tina is able to see the energetic and emotional streams that need to be healed and released.

While Tina’s abilities may seem “other-worldly” and “unexplainable” she is a farm girl at heart and is grounded in Science and Leadership. She is light-hearted, and freely shares stories from her own wild journey of unleashing herself from the mind’s fearful grip, ultimately healing her relationship with herself and others and her overall health. She makes you feel comfortable in the fact that we are all walking each other “Home” to a whole new way of being.

She is able to work long distance over the phone.

Tina practiced her Soul Work on herself for over 10 years prior to offering sessions to clients. She has spent deep time alone in the woods connecting to her Stillness, honing her multi-dimensional awareness and her ability to crystallize intention, and expanding her capacity to hold light and channel a breadth of frequencies. Beneath her chatter she discovered her ability to be sung by the Source of All Things – call it what you will – her Soul Songs – tones, chants and sounds offer the healing frequencies to shift one quickly and into lasting levels of peace, joy, and love.

Sessions are designed to offer post-session support for continued progression of understanding and expansion, and range from 1.5 hours to Deep Soul Time and Deep Dives. Sessions end with Discovery Work for you to contemplate and take action on as you continue to remember you are your own Leader.

Tina is dedicated to clients being able to sustain their levels of awareness, healing, productivity, and understanding.  She empowers you to lead yourself and shares her tools to get you there…

Tina Firewolf is an amazing facilitator for me as I surf the wave of the Planetary Shift in Consciousness. She empowered me by making it clear that I am the healer of myself, she is a facilitator.  I have had several long distance healings since then with Tina, who is always so present and loving on the telephone.  She gives me practical, structured advice as well, which I am able to do.  She is sensitive to what matters to me, and I truly feel her support.

– Jade Justice

The more you align to your Stillness – Your Soul – the more you become your own   Leader and the more self-responsibility you take. You uplift the world, your business, and all of your relationships. Including your relationship to money.

Are you ready to become Ignited and Lead from Stillness, Remember your Primal Power and Sing Your Soul Free?

You have the power to heal yourself Whole.

Yes, it is that simple.

You simply need to remember How.

I am committed to only working with people who are willing to take 100% responsibility for themselves and their process. Yes, dedication is required.

Is that person you?

Are you ready to invest in feeling fully alive?

I invite you to sign up for a 30 min. complimentary consultation.

Let’s see if we would make a powerful team.

I am honored to receive your call.