I’ve spent time studying and meditating with Buddhist monks and lamas, and no one helped illumine my path with such clarity and brevity as Tina. She had walked (inwardly) in the same steps and understood where I was turned around, and with just a few words got me straightened out and headed in the right direction again. She helped me formulate and ask questions to my Self. There is nothing intellectual about her advice – she speaks from direct knowing and is a true Teacher.

Frank Trombetta, D. Sc.

Crossing paths with Tina has changed my life and her Soul Work sessions are phenomenal. With her guidance I was able to access my higher consciousness and get out of my own way to find more pieces of my life purpose. I am forever grateful.

Karen VanWinkle

Her connection to the Divine is poignant and awe-inspiring. She has tremendous ability to understand all the layers and aspects of the human psyche and has developed profound and effective methods with which people can heal and learn to live at their highest potential. Knowing fear intimately, she has learned how to face it head-on, with love and compassion for herself-and to overcome it. And she knows how to guide others through that process in a gentle, loving way. Tina is tuned into multiple, deep levels of reality where few people go, and can interpret well what she experiences for others to learn from. Her ability to read people is phenomenal. Her natural abilities to travel out-of-body give her knowledge and wisdom beyond her years.

Vidya Frazier, Transpersonal Psychotherapist & author of Ascension – Embracing the Transformation

Tina is in a league by herself. She has a clarity and depth that I rarely find. I have been back several times, each time going deeper and further into the healing process. Rest assured – she knows what she is doing.

Stanley Owenby

Tina’s work is like no other I have experienced. The healing and clearing both on an energetic and physical level I have experienced could only have occurred with the support, expertise and guidance of someone as skilled, and dedicated to her gift, as is Tina!

Connie Scicluna

Tina is a gift, rare and wonderful. Through her work she holds space open for us, so that we might walk with her into the numinous realm, where we hear the voice of our own heart speaking clearly and where we are aware all of creation is listening to our presence. If you are contemplating Soul Work with Tina, be assured that both she and her work are clear and clean and that her ability to hold space for experience and transformation is mighty.

Jude Coughlin

Her ability to gently hold up a mirror with no judgment or pre-conceptions is exceptional even when we are thousands of miles apart.

Paul Schweikardt


Consider yourselves fortunate if you have the opportunity to spend a few hours or even a few minutes with FireWolf. She speaks from her heart with a rare combination of eloquence and humor. Her style is infectiously enthusiastic and within minutes you will find yourself wanting to hear more from this gracious woman. Tina’s deep desire to convey the simple yet profound message that each of us has all the power within to achieve our highest potential is evident in the way she immediately captivates an audience. She speaks from her heart while conveying practical everyday strategies to become our best selves. Long after she finishes speaking you will find yourself pondering the various layers of what she has said. And you’ll go back for many more helpings of Tina’s wisdom. My only advice is to wear comfortable shoes when you go to hear her speak because you’ll be on your feet a long time with the standing ovation you’ll surely give her.

Rev. Dr. John Yoegel, Interfaith Minster & Dean at The New Seminary For Interfaith Studies

I was completely captivated. Tina FireWolf is a brilliant light of shining energy that speaks from her enthusiastic heart, her authentic self and shares truly useful tips for becoming more conscious, self empowered and joy filled. Bravo and five stars Tina!

Rev. Kim May, Interfaith Minister at Creative Thought Center

Her message is honest and sincere. You simply can not help but maintain your attention when Tina is speaking. She is inviting, dynamic light in the room and a true delight to work with.

Rev. Bill Groves, M. Div., Spiritual Leader of The Light Center

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tina FireWolf as a presenter to your organization! Tina’s enthusiasm and wisdom from experience offers a treasure of gifts from life’s experience to her talk. Tina’s presentation is both heartfelt and enthusiastic and is a gift of enlightenment to us all!

Rev. Charlotte McGinnis, Spiritual Leader of The Namaste Center

Tina FireWolf is an energetic presenter who engages her audience through her magnetic personality. She is strong in character and true to her beliefs. By recruiting their reasoning power, Tina is able to captivate her audience and keep them engaged. Intellectually, Tina takes a “big idea” and breaks it down to its viable parts while being intuitive to sensitive issues. As an affective presenter, she motivates others by making connections with them, yet allowing them to find their own source of creative energy. Her spirit and enthusiasm are felt and admired. Tina is truly an inspiration to others.

Sandy Mulholland, M.S. Counseling


How refreshing to be in the presence of someone, a ‘spiritual teacher’, who was NOT ‘super gooey’, or ‘flighty’. She is real as rain.

Sandra Hatcher

The day after the workshop I found myself toning in the car on the way to work – I was surprised at the deep guttural sounds that came from me. That week at work I was able to assert myself in a way I have known I needed to do for a long time! This was so profound for me.

Tracy Jacquelyn Findle

Tina FireWolf has the ability to take each one of us to a place that rarely, if ever, gets touched and it is a gentle journey.

Katara Temple

Her workshop left us with new tools and a sense of commitment to our spiritual evolution and most of all, an openness to our Soul we felt very clearly. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have her at your organization. We will be having her back!

Rev. Frank Kish – The Creative Thought

A super-sensory quest! I left with a sense of having tapped into a very real and deep part of myself – with miles and miles of food for my journey.

Nancy MacDonald

She has a natural ability to garner the attention of those in her presence. Her presentation was outstanding and appeared to be very well received by all participants. There was a good balance as regards to organized vs. spontaneity; strong on both style, and substance. She was able to maintain focus while inspiring group discussion. Very gratifying and rewarding experience!

Barbara Bowden


Photography that captures unexpected moments of revelation paired with intimate narratives – Beneath the Chatter is an honest and down home traveling companion that offers wisdom and inspiration to those of us that are also finding our way ‘Home’.

Leland Baggett, M.A., LPC Psychotherapist & author of Waking Up Together: An Interactive Practice for Couples & So Where is the Dawn: A Journey of Emotional Healing

Tina is an inspirational speaker to our Inner Selves, a motivational and metaphysical voice calling to the Self within. Her words, in person and in book form (Beneath the Chatter: the wise self awaits) are powerful calls to recognize our own power and greatness. Her carefully sculptured word pictures and camera pictures are heart-aimed, telling and true. Give Tina a chance to light the fires of your self-love, of your compassion, of your wisdom!

Edward M. O’Keefe, PhD, author of Take It From the Top: What to Do With a Peak Experience

Tina FireWolf offers her own struggles along her way and with humor and simply profound teachings shows us how to get out of our own way and reconnect to Who We Really Are! Beautiful and often poignant photography communicates to us without words! Beneath the Chatter should be in everybody’s library.

Jim Anderson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As I thumbed through Tina’s book, a page caught me and I was mesmerized. I wondered how did Tina FireWolf know what was inside me. This beautiful, inspiring book will resonate with most readers who are looking beyond the surface, searching for a deeper meaning in their lives.

Bryan Robinson, author of Limestone Gumption

Beneath the Chatter reveals intricate details through photography and words that persuasively communicate the life-enriching messages and inspirations Tina has joyfully discovered on her spiritual journey awakening to the beauty of life! This book is a deeply honest offering that infused me with peace, tranquility and hope.

Bill Tipper, Photographer & author of The Nature of Yoga