Connect with Tina 

Let’s spend the hour connecting!

I enjoy taking time to discern how I could help you. The work we do together is deep, and powerful – so being a team is essential.

During the call we will discuss where you are in life (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Energetically), where you want to be in life, and how you will know when you get there. I will share my Multi-Tonal Vocalizations with you to aide in calming the mind – so that you can relax, rest within yourself, and have a conversation from a place of peace.

As part of my Self Connect Method, you will get a taste for what it is like to sink within your Inner Peace, ask yourself questions, and retrieve your answers from you.

I don’t do the work for you. You learn to Lead yourself within and use real world skills to apply this level of Peace in real life.

This is NOT a pushy sales call. This is an exploration of my method, how it could benefit you, and whether or not you are ready for this level of personal development in your life.

If you want a taste for my Multi-Tonal Vocalizations now – I invite you to sign up for my free gift so that you can get a feeling for some of my work prior to a call with me.

How refreshing to be in the presence of someone, a ‘spiritual teacher’, who was NOT ‘super gooey’, or ‘flighty’. She is real as rain.

– Sandra Hatcher

Life, each and every moment of it, demands we are the Peaceful Leader we know we are…

Look forward to talking soon!

I would be honored to walk with you.