Sensuality and I have become acquainted, on a whole new level you see.  This is far beyond silk robes and bubble baths.

When the mind doesn’t run from a fearful “gotta make life happen standpoint” Slow moves in and becomes our new “house-mate”, and everything in life becomes Slow…everything.

You no longer feel something pushing you around – bossy, bitching, and holding you down.

You are able to simply allow Slowness to grow…to consume your life. Instead of achieving and climbing higher or pushing yourself harder, you become more concerned with being more effective with less effort – of leading your life from your Soul Center. Where LOVE awaits.

LOVE is slow.

LOVE is sensual.

I am not talking about Love in the romantic sense. I am talking about LOVE, that sublime force of life we all sense and call so many different things. That presence of something unspeakable and indescribable that wafts in on the twilight air. LOVE is the hush on a summer’s breeze, and the space between all things – even our thoughts.

Slowness is where LOVE awaits. It is what will connect you to remembering your Soul’s Home.

When LOVE enters you Slowness has moved in…

You feel curious inside, as if golden honey light courses in your veins.

You suddenly aren’t trying to make life happen.

Your relationships unfold, rather than the mind constructing fantasies through out time.

You stay centered and focused and your mind also goes slow.

The mind is no longer hyper. It isn’t noticing or plotting, planning, hoping, fishing and fretting. It is allowing. It is unfolding with the slowness of time passing.  The make up of your entire being moves at a speed where LOVE resides.

And this, my fellow Warriors of LOVE, is being in the flow 🙂

Your mind allows you to feel life in each moment as it unfolds.  And in the unfolding you sense your next best move.  You sense joy and can take action.

Your Soul is now leading and sensing in conjunction with the mind.  Like a regal lion at your side. The mind, your humble servant in awe of your light, in utter love with you, your new house-mate… Slow.

How do you free the Soul from the mind? How can you feel life and get aligned with the Soul and it’s greater flow?

Over time.

One layer of fear removed. Methodically. One at a time.

Like peeling someone’s death grip off a steering wheel. I know it is possible. Because I live this luscious and sensual life.

I know it is possible because I once was frantic and in fear. I needed to create all sorts of constructs to feel safe. Such as fantasy filled relationships and “jobs” to make “ends meet” all from a sense of OMG, I MUST DO SOMETHING!!!  I AM ALONE AND NEED TO PROVIDE FOR ME.

Forgetting that when I am aligned all comes to me. Then I take action.

What I am talking about is a level of fear that is barely detectable. But it is there…if you tune in deep enough you will feel it gripping your Soul.

I have healed myself over the years and do my Soul Work and Energy Medicine on myself often. It is essential to sweep off the cob webs of daily life.  Whatever lurks within us needs to be invited into the light of our awareness so we can love it loose from our Soul!

I don’t know if this routine is ever really “done” but I do know with each layer you walk closer with your Soul directing your life, and that essence of SLOW guides your life.

If you are interested in Soul Work with me…call for your complimentary 20 min. session to get a taste! 828-329-9589 Seriously, let’s spend some heart time together today.

This is the year.


The Desert Awaits…stay tuned as to find out why!

In Warmth,

Tina FireWolf