I’m Tina FireWolf – Facilitator of Remembering – combining my feral farm girl upbringing and experiential background in Science & Leadership with my rockin’ multi-dimensional abilities.

No kidding, teaching Middle School Science taught me to be a Facilitator of Remembering.

I ignited dozens of students and co-workers into a “ Remembering” – they were my Guru’s.

And so were the lock down, the bomb threat, and my own sledgehammer of awakening while sleeping in the loft of my art studio – when a booming voice said “Wake Up Or You Will Get Cancer.”

These events were like lightening bolts in my life that ignited me into my own Remembering.

And here’s why:

What I discovered during this wild ride of middle school chaos, divorce, various illnesses, and mental suffering was that I was being forced to grow in my self-awareness, inner fortitude, and the way I interacted with life.

My fear kept me on a tail-chasing ride! I didn’t sleep for 5 years. Fear haunted me in the dreamtime. My self-doubt and resistance to truly being alone and free to express my Soul ate me alive.

My concept of life had been warped by spiritual jargon. Instead of living from that happy go lucky place I did in my 20’s where I landed everything I ever wanted, I was lost in “manifestation” jargon and other language that kept my mind spinning and chattering with the “need to know”.

I totally forgot how to take action! I was always waiting for some sign from the Universe. I was out of touch with my own Stillness & Primal Power that I had known in my youth.  And I was lost on how to express my voice in the world.

 If I looked to others for any kind of wisdom, I was told things like “Suck it up; it’s almost the weekend.” or “Hang in there; Thanksgiving is coming.” People were very attached to their fear-based way of living and being in the world. The other spin I was welcomed into was the “spiritual spin” or the endless money pit of quick fix, self-help gurus.

I knew I needed to remember, and fast, my profound connection from my youth.  If I was going to survive this, and reconnect to my Soul, I needed to experience again a Soul Centered Way of Leading my life, like I knew for the first 30 years.

I needed to deconstruct my life from all the “rules” I had applied to my life out of fear, and shift back into that Wise Self – my Soul. To find a way to sink beneath my chatter and into my Stillness I had known since my youth.

I got lost in the spiritual b%$^*#@! As I ached – my Wise Self calling me home to define my own rules and to Remember I could lead and heal myself!

It’s easy to have happen. It’s not our fault. We are taught to look outside of ourselves.

I see so many people on this same ride making it all so much harder than it has to be – lost in self-help books and workshops, and drowning in jargon. With most people enduring the long ride… forgetting to stop off and build the connection to their Stillness inside! They are locked in fear!

I redefined all the “rules” of spiritual process or personal growth for myself and became the Leader I knew I was!

  • I developed an unwavering relationship of inquiry to my Stillness.
  • I allowed myself to be alone at a deeply profound level.
  • I developed a simple process to befriend and transmute my fears.
  • I remembered how to strategize & navigate all that was opening in my life.
  • I grounded myself with my incredible ability to synthesize psychology, science, and leadership information.
  • I remembered I was a Healer and accepted my multi-dimensional abilities.
  • I applied my capacity to access & navigate quantum field in my everyday life.
  • I created a meditation practice that worked for me.
  • I allowed the wisdom of my body to lead me.
  • I spent incredible amounts of time alone in nature.
  • I trusted and listened to what I felt from within me and took action.
  • I unplugged from all the jargon and defined things for myself.
  • I let go of people that needed to “understand” me.
  • I allowed my Soul Song to rise from the Stillness within me and profoundly healed myself with my Soul Singing.

I spent years being afraid of my own Voice. My Primal Power.

Then one day several years ago, all the chatter in my head stopped. Completely. Sounds started to pour out of me! Angelic, Ancestral, and a variety of wild high and low pitched tones! None of which I could dream of singing, and yet, I did just that!

And I heard my Soul clearly say “Child, Sing Yourself Whole.”

I Remembered I had the power to heal myself – there was Medicine inside of me! And it was my own voice!

I haven’t stopped singing. And I am happy to report I have healed myself from a vast line up of illness including a very unhealthy and out of control mind.

But the problem was I needed to apply these natural healing abilities with the ability to lead myself in a more compassionate and loving way.  And that takes real world skills!

I discovered I was a kick-ass synthesizer of the complex psychological and spiritual principles. Even bigger, I remembered how to apply them to my life with great speed, ease, lasting effectiveness, and a light heart.

As a Leader, you need to understand the HOW of building Sustainable Soul Centered Living. Ultimately, this empowers you to find your way Home to a sense of centeredness, confidence, and true Soul expression.

And sometimes, this means being willing to look at the “hidden” side of ourselves – you know, all that stuff you would rather sweep under the rug or keep shoved in the recesses of your closet. It means being willing to call forward into your awareness the past pain, pent up emotions, physical pain, trauma, anxiety, etc….

I know how to facilitate a remembering because I have walked myself Home to Sustainable Soul Centered Living, and can, with exquisite detail, illuminate this process for you. You will also build the relationship to your Stillness and Primal Power so you can lead yourself and others.

This is based on my profound ability to sink people beneath their chatter and give them a direct experience of their Soul – you know, that kick-ass powered part of you that has befriended fear and knows you to be connected with it all.

Today, this is the primary focus of my work with clients:

  • You will develop the discipline to craft a life of connection to your Soul.
  • You will sink beneath your chatter & build the relationship to your Stillness.
  • You will learn to navigate external chatter & set appropriate boundaries.
  • You will learn to discern internal chatter & create and sustain inner harmony.
  • You will learn to be your own Healer.
  • You will remember how to access your Soul Song from within your Stillness and sing yourself whole.
  • You will remember how to connect to & express your Primal Power and voice it in the world.

Working with me, you’ll laugh, and you may cry. You will remember a whole new way of being.

One you most likely have ached to know for a very long time.

No spiritual bullshit needed. Keep your faith, keep your beliefs, and what works for you in that realm. This is simple and effective healing. With practice you will be able to connect to your Stillness, so you can express your Soul.

In other words, live a life designed and defined by you – not your fearful mind who keeps you seeking safety, security, and fitting in.

I offered specialized training that will ignite you to remember exactly who you are and HOW to interface in this world from your Stillness.

The bottom line is that I help folks who want to remember how to become their own Leader, make it simple, heal themselves, and lead a Soul Centered Life.

I Facilitate Remembering for this ONE reason:

Soul Centered Leadership and being your own Healer is attainable for everyone and it can be sustainable, productive, and fun!

… And YOU hold the power.

You just need to remember HOW.

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