Occasionally in life you come across a person that you will remember for ever.

A person that will have a profound effect on your life!

Tina Fire Wolf is one of those people

If you ever wondered what an angel on earth would sound like then look no further.

Her passion is to  help people become the best possible person they could be. As a healer she would love to help you to understand the HOW of Cultivating Sustainable Inner Peace. Ultimately, this empowers you to find your way Home to a sense of centered-ness, confidence, and true Soul expression.

Good News! That can be achieved by interacting with her unique gift of sound and writing

Tina does this by giving you a direct experience of the place you ache to know within yourself – Your Soul, and the skill set to maintain this.

Once you have the experience of your Inner Peace, then walking through and unwinding your relationships and habitual patterning allows you to build the relationship to your Self. The process of personal growth becomes simple, empowered, productive, and connected to your Soul.

  • Respond to life rather than React to it from fear.
  • Gain a skill set that enables you to create a rhythm to your daily practice.
  • Become able to shift yourself through emotions and habitual patterns that keep you spinning.
  • Open up to experiencing Sustainable Inner Peace, Self – Leadership and Prosperity Living.Eas
  • Easier to navigate relationships, set boundaries and communicate from a place of self-worth & peace.
  • Feel more centered, powerful, confident, and alive.
  • Escape the endless cycle of looking outside yourself for anything.
  • Settle into your Inner Peace and experience answers & insight from within YOU!
  • Become intimate & friendly with your pain and fear., become fill of LOVE & LIGHTE
  • Express your unique Sound and lead yourself into wholeness!
  • Self-Love no longer eludes you.
  • Become aware of your 4 Bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic) and the extraordinary self care needed on all levels!
  • Learn how to Think & Feel again

And what if you could toss out all your self-help books and practices that claimed to get you “there” – and instead utilize your own Primal Power and Stillness to rid yourself of self-doubt and fear!

When I remembered how to access my Inner Peace, I stopped looking outside of myself for anything – yes, anything. When I befriended doubt and fear they stopped ruling my life. I began to cultivate my Unique Sound and become fully aligned with my Soul.

Everything in life became easier! It felt like flowing rather than pushing and trying.

Self-Love was no longer a mystery.

My relationships unfolded with compassion.

And my connection to my Soul became effortless.

My Unique Sound was Unleashed!


I healed myself on every level imaginable…

I give that gift to you!

Sharing My Sound


Welcome Video

One who has no prescribed way for you to follow other than getting you into YOU!

And has the scientific background and ability to digest all the spiritual B^%^&*$@ into Know How!

One who has attained extensive ability to navigate the quantum field, hold a profound meditative state, is grounded, business savvy, and is light-hearted.  A guide who will help you Remember HOW to Sustain Your Inner Peace.

Sound Good?

Tina would love to help at your next event: