Imagine Communicating & Experiencing Productivity from a Powerfully Peaceful Place – It’s Time To Remember HOW.

Are you a Leader, who after all your efforts in personal growth, feel there is a depth of connection you still have not yet reached within yourself, with others, and within the Unseen?

In other words, are you done with all the looking outside of yourself? Are you ready to remember that you are your own Leader, and that you contain the power to heal yourself, define all aspects of your life, and all your relationships?

Then you are a Leader, who must remember the HOW of cultivating sustainable Inner Peace, or this depth of connection will continue to elude you.

Good News! I can make all of this simpler for you.

I do this by giving you a direct experience of the place you ache to know within yourself – Your Soul, and the skill set to maintain this.

Once you have the experience of your Inner Peace, then walking through and unwinding your relationships and habitual patterning allows you to build the relationship to your Self. The process of personal growth becomes simple, empowered, productive, and connected to your Soul.

  • You begin to Respond to life rather than React to it from fear.
  • You have a skill set surfacing from within you to create a rhythm to your daily practice that works for you.
  • You have a simple method to follow that shift yourself through emotions and habitual patterns that keep you spinning.
  • You open up to experiencing Sustainable Inner Peace, Self – Leadership and Prosperity Living.
  • Your relationships are easier to navigate as you set boundaries and communicate from a place of self-worth & peace.
  • You feel more centered, powerful, confident, and alive.
  • You are done with the endless cycle of looking outside yourself for anything.
  • You are able to settle into your Inner Peace and experience answers & insight from within YOU!
  • You have become intimate & friendly with your pain and fear.
  • You know yourself to be full of LOVE & LIGHT – not pain and fear.
  • You are able to express your unique Sound to Lead yourself into wholeness!
  • Self-Love no longer eludes you.
  • You are aware of your 4 Bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic) and the extraordinary self care needed on all levels!
  • You can Think & Feel.

And what if you could toss out all your self-help books and practices that claimed to get you “there” – and instead utilize your own Primal Power and Stillness to rid yourself of self-doubt and fear!

Man, do I know fear!

There was a time in my life when I was in HOLY TERROR. I chose to live a life from fear and it began to eat me alive! I bought in to the “American Dream” a bit too deep and the job, marriage, and house, all started closing in on me. I needed to learn, and fast, how to Navigate and Elevate my Human Experience.

I heard while sleeping, as loud as a mega phone in my ear, “WAKE UP OR YOU WILL GET CANCER!”

I sat straight up in bed and exclaimed, “Who Said That?!?” and then I heard it again! But this time, it was matter of fact – “Wake Up Or You Will Get Cancer.”


I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to completely overhaul my life.  I needed to combine my years in Science and Education with my Leadership and Natural Healing & Sensitivity to the Quantum World, so that I could bring a much faster and direct way of accessing one’s Stillness, Primal Power, and Soul. So that you remember that you are your own Leader!

When I remembered how to access my Inner Peace, I stopped looking outside of myself for anything – yes, anything. When I befriended doubt and fear they stopped ruling my life. I began to cultivate my Unique Sound and become fully aligned with my Soul.

Everything in life became easier! It felt like flowing rather than pushing and trying.

Self-Love was no longer a mystery.

My relationships unfolded with compassion.

And my connection to my Soul became effortless.

My Unique Sound was Unleashed!


I healed myself on every level imaginable…

Even my Business flourished!

As I am sure you realize, the more you become a Leader, the more self-responsibility you must exhibit to maintain your level of consciousness and energetic capacity.

It is also your responsibility to align the expression of your Humanness fully with your Inner Peacel. And in order to do that – you have to first clear out the old you! Yes, that also means all the past definitions of relationship, healing, leadership, community, love, money, and any limitations on your sense of your spirituality.


My process is simple, effective, and easily repeatable.

And it is designed for you to build the relationship to You!

I use it daily.

My “Experiential Self Leadership Method” builds the relationship to your Inner Peace so you can gain your answers from within and transmute what is blocking you from maturing into the Leader you crave to be.

This process can happen in each moment.  It will empower you to define life for yourself, and be a Peaceful Leader living life peacefully.

Is this resonating with you?

Are you ready to be your own Leader and Navigate and Elevate your human experience?

It’s Time to Remember HOW.

Here’s what it takes: Dedication to walking through the muck in you and around you that has accumulated over time; have a direct experience of your Inner Peace (no problem, got you covered); understanding how to navigate humanness so that you can make the necessary adjustments to bring grace into your life; mix in a strategy of daily practices to aide in sustaining your Inner Peace. We will then top that off with skills to navigate it all. Simple, but not easy – definitely for folks who want to be their own Guru!

How do you make this happen?

You need a facilitator that knows you are the Guru. One who fully realizes her own Power and wants you to remember yours, too. You need someone that understands the nuances of unwinding a fearful mind into a Sustainable Inner Peace!

You also need someone who realizes that this journey is personal, intimate, and needs tender loving care and requires the utmost confidentiality.

You need a facilitator who can walk next to you as an inspiration while allowing you to set the pace. You need someone that has a profound connection to their Inner Peace, an ability to harness the quantum field to heal self and others, and a tremendous understanding of the human psyche.  And, most importantly, you need someone with the extraordinary depth to LOVE it all.

You need a facilitator that is a living practice of Sustainable Inner Peace, and leads herself in extended self-care to include the relationship with her mind, her emotions, and her energy! Who is a grounded Farm Girl at heart with a Scientific Mind, and a comfort level with all ages and traditions from years as a Science Educator and an Interfaith Minister.

Does that sound like what you have been looking for?

Have you longed for a mentor who gets that you are the Guru?

One who has no prescribed way for you to follow other than getting you into YOU!

And has the scientific background and ability to digest all the spiritual B^%^&*$@ into Know How!

One who has attained extensive ability to navigate the quantum field, hold a profound meditative state, is grounded, business savvy, and is light-hearted.  A guide who will help you Remember HOW to Sustain Your Inner Peace.

Sound Good?

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